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lots of magazine articles, ads, pictures, etc. not available on the web site, including track plans for all three G&D versions

John Allen's
Gorre and Daphetid Railroad -
A Reminiscence

The reconstituted "" web site that will eventually house all the magazine & book scans, plus many original and unpublished pictures from Keith Beard, current owner and resident John Allen's old house, where he has discovered a treasure trove of material. Additional work is being done there, as well as here.

John Allen Publication List

My list of all known John Allen and related publications, with links to all on-line content...

Groups.IO G&D Interest Group

(lots of great pictures, downloads, and information!!!)
this replaces the Yahoo! group

new15_a.gifnew15_a.gifThe Slides:
Listed by Date

These are the slides, listed by date, in a slightly reduced and moderately enhanced format; they were created for use in my NMRA clinics. Includes comments. Some nearly identical slides have been omitted.

Yahoo G&D Interest Group

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